Storybook Advent Calendar and Music, Stories and Carols for Christmas!

ADVENT begins DECEMBER 2-24, 2012

See our article: What is Advent? for more information


Interactive Storybook Advent Calendar


Storybook Advent


Interactive Caroling Songbook


Caroling Songbook


16 Christmas Party Ideas and Music


Have Yourself a Jazzy Little Christmas... Party! by Corky Hale



Each of these new interactive books includes the Full versions of the featured Christmas Carol Collection, plus new content, illustrations and ideas.


Formatted specifically
for iPad and iPad mini. Also available in interactive PDF for laptops and desktops.

Check out the 52 Holiday Songs with Interactive Songbooks!


Rediscover Christmas Through
Stories, Faith & Music!

This delightful collection includes the Storybook Advent Calendar with 24 Christmas stories, the Caroling Songbook with 43 versions of 37 popular carols and three CDs featuring 20 American and 20 Classic British and European Christmas Carols.

Storybook Advent  Calendar in Full Color or Black and White


24 children's Christmas stories, poems and prayers, designed to be read each night of Advent. Stories include a combination of classics, with the historic notations. PLUS seven original stories, fully illustrated in your choice of full color or black & white paperback; also in e-book.


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Caroling Songbooks in Full Color or Black and White
Storybook Advent


40 Classic Christmas Carols: 20 American classics and 20 British classic. Book includes the lyrics and histories of the composers and lyricists as well as the songs. In addition explore Christian areas of the Holy Land and England through pictures. Full Color or black and white paperback. Also in e-book format.


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American Christmas Carol Classics
Storybook Advent


Love Christmas carols? Then you'll be thrilled with the unique yet classic Storybook Advent Christmas Carols Collections. Volume One includes 20 American Christmas Classics played in the American Tradition. Volume Two has 20 British Christmas Classics played in the European Tradition. There is a delightful difference. That's 40 of your all time favorites in one collection! CD or MP3.


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Carols for a Cause Packages
Storybook Advent


If you have a non-profit and are looking for a unique way to raise funds, consider Carols for a Cause. Simply choose 12-18 of the carols from Storybook Advent Carols Collections volumes one and two and we can create a custom album and song book for your organization. You can choose physical (paperbacks & CDs) or digital versions, whichever works best for your supporters. Cut-off for each year's holiday season is September 30.


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Exclusive Holiday Ringtones


To your left are the ringtones designed for your mobile phone of all 40 songs featured in the Storybook Advent Carols Collections Volume One and Volume Two. Volume One features classic Christmas Carols played in the American tradition. Volume Two features British favorites played in the English tradition.

Each carol is masterfully played by musician and composer Michael Brech and formatted specifically for your phone. As each is piano, the carols play beautifully throughout the year whilst adding a touch of Christmas during the holidays.

Play around with them and listen in the widget to your left. You'll hear the full ringtone, most lasting 30-40 seconds. You can even get a copy of this widget to put on your Facebook or MySpace page. Simply click 'Get Widget' in the bottom right hand corner to access the code.

Billing is done through your cellphone account. Choose as many as you like!

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Free Gifts with Purchase

Celebrate the Holidays with Storybook Advent and get these extra goodies with your purchase
of Storybook Advent Calendar, Storybook Carols Collection Songbook and/or Storybook Advent Carols Collection Volume One: American Christmas Classics or Volume Two: British American Classics or the 40 Ringtone Package.

Gifts include:

5 Free Ringtones
5 Christmas Ringtones


Get a little bit of Christmas spirit every time your phone rings. With your purchase today you recieve 5 delightful ringtones: Greensleeves,
In Dulci Jubilo,
Jingle Bells,
Joy to the World
and The Holly & the Ivy!

January 2013 LEEP Calendar
January 2013 LEEP Single Calendar


Start the new year off right with a full month of events, holidays and celebrations, over 250 in January alone! This one-of-a-kind calendar is invaluable to teachers, executives, writers and the curious at heart, and it's yours at free with your purchase today!

Exclusive Memo from God
Memo from God


This amazing Storybook Advent exclusive fourteen page Memo from God covering His Four Laws leading to Happiness and Success from the Bible. This is an inspirational, uplifting start to the New Year.

16  Critical Steps for the Unemployed
16 Critical Steps for the Unemployed.


A gift of hope and comfort this abridged version of Laura's best-selling book. This quick start guide points you several savings and things you can do if you or a loved one find yourself between jobs and seeking your next adventure.



Exclusive Holiday Wallpaper


For your phone a collection of photographs and drawings by Laura Dawn Lewis from the Holy Land and out and about during Christmas in the US and England in years past.


This widget includes nearly all of the wallpapers we offer, not just those for Christmas. There are some for Halloween, Summer and just plain enjoying yourself. Photos come from Europe, The United States and the Middle East.


Simply click through to view all that are available. Choose your favorite. Wallpapers start at just $0.49 each! Click image to see larger.




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Qdreams Exclusive Offer



INTRODUCING Storybook Advent for QDreams:


The Storybook Advent QDreams programs combine beautiful music with binaural beats, isotropic tones and a little QDreams magic to gently optimize your brainwave frequencies and naturally shift your mind into the ideal state for relaxation, invigoration or stimulate that creativity and happiness that defines the holidays. All you do is sit back, close your eyes and listen for about 20 minutes. You'll emerge rejuvenated and calm, as if you just took a four-hour nap. Try it for 5 days free and sample other programs designed to train your brain use its subconscious to do everything from losing weight, quitting smoking and excelling in education or career to improving your physical abilities in sports, bolstering your motivation and focus thus delivering the life you want and deserve.


Try QDreams today. The Storybook Advent programs our under 'Neurosensory Algorithms'


QDreams Holiday DeStressing Volume One
Holiday De-stressing


Holiday stress? Who needs it! Take a time-out to simply put everything in perspective with this 24 minute distressing program. Simply sit back and close your eyes and let master pianist Michael Brech take you through a musical journey infused with neurosensory algorithms and reset your conscious and subconscious to the optimal state of relaxation. It's like a 4 hour nap in 20 minutes.


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QDreams Holiday Energy Booster
Energy Booster

Feeling tuckered out by all the holiday hoopla? Need an energy boost? Kick back and relax for 24 minutes with master pianist Michael Brech and re-energize, revive and get your energy back whilst enjoying some of your all time favorite Christmas Carols infused with neuro-sensory algorithms. Reset your conscious and subconscious brain to the optimal state of invigoration. It's like a pot of coffee without the jitters!.


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QDreams holiday spirit infusion
Holiday Spirit Infusion

Been Scrooged of late? Bah humbug! Send Scrooge packing with 23 minutes of good old-fashion Christmas cheer. Performed by master pianist Michael Brech, this collection of classic upbeat and cheerful Christmas Carols infused with neurosensory algorithms take your brain, conscious and unconscious from Bah humbug! to God bless us one and all! Banish the holiday blues and train your brain in the process.


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Your QDreams 5-day no obligation FREE TRIAL includes access to QDreams programs that:

Enhance Sleep
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Arrest Insomnia
Reduce Stress
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Eliminate Jet Lag
Improve Physical Performance
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Increased Focus
   Better Concentration
Relax & Rejuvenate
Stimulate Creativity




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