Storybook Advent Carols for a Cause

Custom Christmas Carol CDs and Caroling Books for Fundraising

Quick Overview

Non-profits that benefit from using the Storybook Advent Calendar and/or carols collections to raise funds for themselves or their favorite causes:
For non-Christian organizations or government supported organizations that must remain secular, the music albums alone are perfect. The covers can be changed to uphold any laws and a separate sales page can be created.


Homeless shelters, schools, churches, clinics, food banks, emergency services, non-profit news organizations, human rights groups, ethnic support groups, recovery groups, non-profit entertainment, after school programs, literacy programs, music programs, programs for special needs, retirement centers, battered women's/battered men's shelters, animal rescue and environmental causes.  Causes and political organizations focusing on human rights, interfaith understanding and justice.

This option is available with a 72-hour turn-around. We also have the ability to insert extra pages or additional information about your organization in your unique book. Call (310) 594-3728 or email us to discuss your project.

Full Customization Option

Several denominations have asked us if we could create a version of Storybook Advent specific to their doctrine. The answer is yes. This option is usually taken by the Church as a whole on a regional, national or international basis, rather than an individual parish. Exceptions have been mega-churches with 20,000 plus members.

We have the ability to rewrite the stories and focus on scriptures to promote a specific doctrine. This means essentially creating a new book with the information you want your parishioners to learn. By altering it we're required under US law to generate a new ISBN number and library of congress registration. These are hard costs we cannot avoid.

As with the above, it is co-branded. For example if the arch diocese of the Greek Orthodox Church decides he wants an Advent tradition that upholds his church's teachings, we recreate each story to emphasizeon the church's chosen scriptures and change the stories to teach these. This version then becomes "The Storybook Advent Calendar, Greek Orthodox Edition".

It would be available to anyone on the Storybook Advent Site but also promoted within the Greek Orthodox Church as a fundraiser and method of promoting their doctrine within the church. The set up fee will depend upon how extensive the rewrite is. In most cases its between $500 and $1000 for altering stories. Original stories are negotiable. Call (310) 594-3728 or email us to discuss your project.

Another option is creating custom stories to speak to a specific segment of the population. For example, if St. Jude wanted two or three stories showing children with terminal illness or cancer as the protagonists, we can create those for their book. If a group of churches in Africa wanted several stories that highlight their culture with children from that region as the protagonists, that's possible too. We can do just about anything within reason so if you're curious, ask. If we can do it. We will!


We also have the ability to create a Christmas album with traditional hymns from any denomination. The beauty of this is we can add it to our catalogue so funds are raised exponentially through all purchases not just by those within the faith, but people of other denominations.

For example, we're creating a spa meditation album from the two albums of the Storybook Advent for a company that wanted relaxing Christmas music to offer to its spa guests and to use in the meditation rooms during the holidays. This simply required identifying 14 songs from the two albums, packaging them together and creating a third album for that non-profit's objectives. We can do something similar for you.

January through June is the time we set aside for creating the next year's books and the custom books for various denominations. This year, as it is November, we cannot create fully customized books in time for the holidays so this would be an option for next year we'd want to start on in January. Call (310) 594-3728 or email us to discuss your project.



"Storybook Advent Calendar makes me think "Why didn't someone do this before?" It's uplifting, educational, and celebratory for adults and children. I especially like the entry for December 7, which explains the similarities and differences of Christianity, Judaism and Islam in a simple, profound and beautiful way."

-- Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D, psychotherapist and author of 'Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage (Adams Media 2008)

"I just love the concept and the execution. My grand daughter loved the stories and I can't stop listening to the carols. You deserve every success."

-- Cliff Lague, Spain

"I am awestruck with the book's warmth, its caring and loving sentiment, and totally enamored with the artwork!"

--Jeri Friedman Los Lunas, NM